Quickfill ® watertowers are developed by
Australian Watertowers Pty Ltd.

Competency Assessment

    If using a pump to fill the Quickfill® tower, it is recommended to reduce excess bypass return line flow by

    Partly closing the in line valveSlowing the pump

    An empty Quickfill® approximate weight is?

    3.4 tonnes6.5 tonnes8.7 tonnes

    What is the minimum pad size requirement?

    3 metres x 3 metres27 metres x 27 metres7 metres x 7 metres

    Before lowering the Quickfill® tower, you should

    Disconnect all plumbingDrain tankRaise jacks and fold in legsAll of the above

    The Quickfill® tower should only be lifted by the engineered lifting points.


    After connecting the crane to the master link, you can you pull the lifting hook down using the retrieval chain


    Generally, why is it a good idea to use the locks supplied for the screw jacks?

    So they don't get lostTo prevent tampering, possibly affecting Quickfill® tower stabilityThey are required by law

    You should stand the Quickfill® tower

    In the centre of the padNear the edge closest the truck access pointNear the edge most distant to the truck access point

    The Quickfill® tower can be moved in the erected position


    It is recommended to use extra chain/sling to connect to the master link to assist in erecting the Quickfill® tower