Quickfill ® watertowers are developed by
Australian Watertowers Pty Ltd.


Features and benefits of a Quickfill® water tower are:


  • Saves thousands per week by increasing the efficiency of your water trucks
  • Fills an average water truck in under one minute
  • Improves job flow
  • Useable with either standpipe or water pump
  • Meets council requirements for connection to mains water supplies
  • Can be filled from a pump at approximately 25 lps
  • Pump by-pass mode allows connection to almost any pump
  • Tank capacity 20,000 litres — can be connected in multiples for larger volumes
  • Multiple Quickfill® water towers can be interconnected
  • Simple, safe erection method — erection and set-up support available
  • Erection of Quickfill® water tower can occur from ground (no working at heights)
  • Legs fold up to allow easy transport or movement on site
  • No special transport permits required in Queensland (check your state regulations for indivisible loads)


Quickfill® water towers have been designed and developed by Australian Watertowers Pty Ltd, a Queensland based company.

Quickfill® water towers are protected by patent.