Quickfill ® watertowers are developed by
Australian Watertowers Pty Ltd.


Quickfill® Australian Watertowers FAQ


How long does a Quickfill take to fill a standard water truck?

At full delivery flow, 15000 litres takes approximately 45 seconds.


How is a Quickfill delivered to our site?

Can be transported on any flatbed truck.
Most common is a skid truck, but dedicated lifting rings are provided to unload from a standard truck.


What preparation do we need before erecting a Quickfill?

7m x 7m 100kpa bearing pad. Consideration needs to be given to controlling accidental water spillage from filling truck, so not compromising the pad.

Strip footings are an option, but not necessary.

Note: refer next point re truck to fill pipe clearance.


Can we fill really high water trucks?

Yes — Clearance for trucks up to 3200mm overall height is available from a Quickfill erected on flat ground. You must create a higher pad or lower the truck roadway, to compensate for larger vehicles.


How long does a Quickfill take to fill?

A Quickfill is only a storage and delivery vessel, and as such is usually filled by the same water supply you would use to direct fill the trucks.

A Quickfill fills a standard water truck in approximately 45 seconds, and then continuously fills while the trucks are delivering. It is equipped with a float valve to prevent overfilling.


We have semi tankers/We want to able to quickly fill 2 standard trucks if they arrive together. Can a Quickfill deal with this?

Quickfills can be joined together endlessly to provide whatever total storage you require.


What if we don’t have town water and are using a bore or pump?

The Quickfill can be connected to a pump or a bore.

When the tank is full, the overflow water travels back to the dam by the return line until the fill valve is opened again as a truck begins to fill. Although the system is compatible with electronic or float pump control switches, they are not essential.

The system is designed to accept around 30 litres/sec, which means the water taken by a standard water truck is replaced in approx 8–10 minutes.


What if we need to relocate on our site during hire period?

If a crane is available and only a short distance, just pick up and move.

If no crane, lay Quickfill down and move with lifting compliant excavator, or if a short distance, just drag on skids designed for this purpose with any equipment capable, then re-erect. An empty Quickfill weighs approx 6.5t.


Do we need any special knowledge or equipment to handle a tower?

An equipment specifications brochure is available on our website.

This information is also a procedures booklet, in the document box on every tower.

The innovative and patented lifting chain operation, allows a Quickfill to be erected or laid down, without the need for working at heights.


What if the local authorities require back flow prevention?

The Quickfill has an air gap between the fill level and the delivery pipe opening, which complies with current Australian Standards.


Safety Inspector visits — what if they question the structural or lifting chain design, or about our qualifications to handle a Quickfill?

The procedures booklet with every tower carries engineering certifications.

The procedures for the safe handling of a Quickfill have been developed in conjunction with our safety consultant, Safetylec.

A free self paced fully automated training package is available on the website.

Potential users are able to become competent online in the erection and operation of a Quickfill, and obtain their accreditation immediately.


Do they need much ongoing servicing and maintenance once on site?

No — the filling flume will last somewhere between 3–6 months, and in normal use should be the only item needing attention over a 12 month hire.


We’ve had trouble on site with vandals — is there any way we can secure the Quickfill from tampering?

Yes. There are 17 locks on a tower!

This is to prevent tampering with the valves, stabilizing legs, levelling jacks.


NOTE: We strongly suggest customers view the erection video on this website so they fully understand the features of the Quickfill and how to handle it safely and efficiently.

We believe this will equip customers with the required knowledge to limit the possibility of site accidents, and prevent our plant being damaged from misuse.